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Terra is a Ceramic studio with a positive and warm atmosphere where I produce one of a kind handmade & handthrown pieces sold to local restaurants & cafés as well as all over the world to individuals. It is a small structure focused on small orders and limited editions


Jak a kdy vznikla myšlenka založit vaši značku?

Terra Ceramics is the result of my long-lasting passion for ceramics. I love simplicity and it inspires me everyday to create objects that are both functional and unique.


Objevovaly se tvořivé tendence již během dětství/dospívání? Ovlivnila vás v tomto směru nějakým způsobem škola?

I grew up in suburbian Paris and as an only child I have always been quite solitary. When i discovered the wheel more than 10 years ago and I mmediately fell in love. I studied art since I was 14 years old but I discovered ceramics later on when getting my master's degree in Scotland.


Jaké byly začátky značky?

I started small. I dedicated a lot of my first years to teaching and creating a community of potters with who to share my passion.


S jakým materiálem/tématem nejraději pracujete a proč?

I work with various types of clay & glazes coming from Czech republic or Germany. I try to support local supplier whenever I can


Co je pro vaši značku typické/specifické?

I like to allow space for accidents and it is the hardest thing to learn as it requires letting go of the rules. This quest characterizes my respect for nature and my tribute to organic shapes.


Jaký váš produkt je pro vás největší srdcovka?

I love making cups :) They don't take up a lot of space and someone somewhere will always be able to enjoy them.

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