This is more than a candle, this is the moment you create and wish to enjoy, where the smell takes you away to another realm. «Special moment» set of 3 scented candles:






• Vegetal Wax

• 100% pure essential oils

• Wood wick

• Packaging box

• Hand-poured

• Hypoallergenic, vegan, eco-friendly

• Size: 2,6 OZ , 73,5 g each.

• Burning time: 14 + hours each


Chocolate-Orange aroma with a base note of cocoa and the sweet zesty burst of orange, this warming fragrance oil is truly reminiscent of the classic famous chocolate orange at Christmas Time.

Champagne is a sensational sparkling scent that reminds of celebrations with family and friends. A scent is full of joy and excitement, a sweet essence enriched with a fruity and floral base. Invigorating tones of black pepper and bergamot are intertwined with a sweet hint of vanilla and cloves, which together with the woody combination of patchouli, resin and myrrh will put you in a festive mood.

Opium candle is a mood and mind-enhancing narcotic. The essential oil is obtained from poppy flowers. The aroma can be characterized as dark, rich, and heady, with warm, tarry, tart, bitter undernotes. The smell reminds the aroma of perfume and associates with the odors of Christian Dior.

Very suitable for cool and damp weather.

Special Moment Set of 3 Hand Crafted Candles

650,00 KčCena

Bloomstyle is not just the brand it is the impulse, to remember that we are alive and keep seeing the blooming around us through patterns, colors, and smells wherein simple pleasures create moments of goodness or delight that put us at ease and bring us joy.



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