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Gigil - a stationary brand, where each piece is carefully made with attention, passion and devotion to the craft we love.

Jak a kdy vznikla myšlenka založit vaši značku?

We are three friends, designers and illustrators, who want to bring more Gigil moments to your life. We started with this idea in 2018 and happy to present you a result of our work, which you can order through an online shop or see, touch, wear, squeeze or hug on different design markets, which we will announce on our social media pages.​ In our work, we mix a passion for drawing, love to craft and a pinch of pink marshmallow clouds. Of course, we care about the planet, so you can find many designs printed on recycled paper or delivered in boxes that got their second life and chance to travel more.

S jakým materiálem/tématem nejraději pracujete a proč?

Mostly paper, textile, designing enamel pins, etc.

Co je pro vaši značku typické/specifické?

cute designs, pink color

Jaký váš produkt je pro vás největší srdcovka?


Jaká je vaše motivace a co nyní máte v plánu?

we want get represented in multiple Prague shops and start an instagram shop

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