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Bloomstyle is not just the brand it is the impulse, to remember that we are alive and keep seeing the blooming around us through pattern, colors, and smells wherein simple pleasures create moments of goodness or delight that put us at ease and bring us joy.

Jak a kdy vznikla myšlenka založit vaši značku?

I was seeking my own project since 2016. Was thinking to be the florist or move to interior design, besides was making candles and made paintings for my closer surroundings, keeping the idea of creating something meaningful from the natural materials, that will help to express all the feelings in a full and will give for customers the feeling of personal touch and unique. Nowadays it is the project operating for the pre-orders and still having permanent product lines as candles and Ikat pillowcases.

Objevovaly se tvořivé tendence již během dětství/dospívání? Ovlivnila vás v tomto směru nějakým způsobem škola?

i do have that start from the childhood, was painting, and knitting together with mom.

Jaké byly začátky značky?

It has started in June 2019 with the candles.

S jakým materiálem/tématem nejraději pracujete a proč?

Originally i am from Uzbekistan that is why all my creation was inspired by Asia motives Asian-inspired décor is genuine for it radiates with a special kind of peace and tranquility.

Co je pro vaši značku typické/specifické?

I would say that the key words of my project are Quality and individuality, wherein Asian-inspired décor is genuine for it radiates with a special kind of peace and tranquility.

Jaký váš produkt je pro vás největší srdcovka?

All 4 lines of my project are connected. I would indicate as my soul product is candles.

Jaká je vaše motivace a co nyní máte v plánu?

I am about to publish the line of pillowcases on my web, move forward with the dried botanicals collection, to develop new products in terms of brands collaborations

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